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We are always talking about what happens at the event, but no one shares what happened before it!

Now, when the winter is almost over and spring is knocking on our doors, there are going to be lots of events to attend to. For most of us, the big question is what do I wear?! You might think that you have something to pull off from your wardrobe, but in the moment of truth, when the event arrives, you discover that you don’t have anything to wear!! The last time me and my husband were invited to an event we were late for an hour because of me, and you can guess what happened next (it wasn’t so magical). We face this problem every morning when we dress for work, so choosing an outfit for a special occasion should be an easy task. Unfortunately, it’s not!

I know that the first solution is to plan-ahead. But, let’s face it, things happen, and mostly not how you plan it. Believe me, I tried.

floral ruffles for spring
snake patterns heels for event
floral pink outfit fot event
rruffle top for spring
floral top for event

What are the easiest steps to a real solution?! I still haven't found the right formula, but I need to try to make it work, otherwise my husband, friends and family will probably hate me and ditch me hahaha. And no one wants that. 

My strategy:

First find something in your closet that you love! I will repeat it every post if necessary. There is a reason that you love something, so trust your hunch! Of course, be logical and find something that will also be relevant for the type of the event. For example, I love wearing my beach palm tree top, but it's not appropriate to wear to an elegant event like my cousin bar mitzvah. We want people to look at us for the right reasons.

After you find the right item, try to build around it a total outfit. Don’t try to please everyone else, and don't let it turn off your spark, I trust you to be confident and creative to bring the best outfit of the night!

Finally, the secret weapon! Don’t over think about it. It might be that the "right" outfit is just the simple one, the one that you chose to overlooked at.

floral top
The truth about getting dress to an event

Hope that it was helpful! Love to hear your thoughts.



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