Another post from beautiful Jerusalem.
In order to see more on the amount of time that we had, we decided to travel by bike. Luckily, to the hotel we were staying in, had a bike service, and so we found ourselves riding the bikes, like in our younger years J. And it didn’t take a long time before we found ZUNI, a nice restaurant, with one of the best coffee and muffins in town.   


 It's the beginning of fall here in Israel. Jerusalem was cold but not that cold for traveling outside. I was pretty happy to bring with me my H&M RED KNIT SWEATER that kept me warm!
Ah, I love this knit sweater because it's chunky and the color is to die for. I love wearing chunky sweaters, it's so comfortable and loose, kind of reminds me of my PJ. Believe me, if I could wear my PJ all day long I would, ha-ha --- but, of course, with plenty of style. 

Lately, I've been layering tights under my jeans and it's such a cool way to warm your body a little bit and to give your outfit an extra touch, I suggest you all to try it yourself.
To complete the look, this time I putted on my backless loafers, because I wanted to show-off my beautiful net tights J  

So how would you wear your red knit sweater this fall? Love to hear your thoughts!


H&M Knit Sweater

H&M Jeans High Waist

H&M Fishnet Tights

Zara Backless Loafers (old) similar here

Carolina Lemke  Sunglasses