Are flamingos is the next big thing?!‬‬
Is my obsession with flamingos is getting weird?!‬ 

From time to time I find myself obsessed with that one thing such as color, shape or a particular item, without being able to explain it. To tell you the truth, it happens to me quite a lot. You can already guess what it is this time... that’s right! FLAMINGOS! 

So how have flamingos taken over my life you ask? Well, it all started when I came across these cool smoking slipper embroidery by Soludos.

Espadrilles flamingo soludos
It was love at first sight. The moment I saw them, I added them to my shopping cart, but I didn’t check out, and, of course, you can imagine what happened…the next day they had run out! 🙁 Now I  dream about them every night, so, for me, it's the saddest thing ever. ‪Maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit, but I definitely learned my lesson.
‪The good news is that these cool and amazing slippers opened up a whole new world to me. I came across items with flamingos in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, such as pillows, cups, lamps, socks, pictures, and really anything that you can imagine in the form of a flamingo.
I know this sounds crazy, but at same time it is so much fun! 
‪Can it be the next big thing?! I think it could 🙂


Decorative wardrobe
Tables Flamingo Light from Asos ( by the way, this is a sneak peek to my room 🙂

I also got to know many of the products by Soludos and they have lots of chic shoes.


‪I hope that you girls will learn from my mistakes...