In a world full of great fashionistas and upcoming trends, it's hard to find your own voice -and stay true to yourself. For me, it is still hard! It wasn’t so long ago, when I didn’t even believe in myself, I didn’t thought I can create this blog, and I didn’t know what I can do and be. Most of my life, I was told that I need to be realistic and stop dreaming. Let's face it, it is a dream, an ambition and a passion that I was craving for so long. It stoped being a dream when I started to do something about it. It wasn’t until I decided to take charge on my own life and started step by step creating the thing I love the most- dressing and styling outfits that will bring life and harmony through this blog! When I started this blog (just a few months ago), it was the first time I felt alive! But, between all that, I knew that I must stay true to myself by creating outfits that represent me. And believe me, it's still hard to find your own voice without caring what others would think and say. I believe that with time and believing in yourself you can do anything you want and be whatever you dream of! 


My inspiration for this outfit is a mini skirt suit, which I love wearing most! Of course, you know already how I'm obsessed with pink! also red and pink combo create so much harmony.

The secret touch of this outfit is my burgundy satin knot that I added to my shirt. As that have been said, a pretty satin knot will defiantly make a statement. In the past year, I have noticed that satin knot (or straps) are so trendy! A specially for shoes (but that's another story).

So, I thought why not just add it to your outfit?! I wanted to decorate my shirt and a burgundy satin knot was so right for it -simple and cheap! By adding the satin knot, I personalized the outfit and most important I wasn’t afraid of being me.  


You can buy Satin Knot in a DIY shop or fabric's shop

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