the chic way to wear your floral dress

floral dress is so romantic and feminine. When you mix it with off-duty staples you create a dark-romantic vibe. I didn't wear it for no reason, it was just before valentine day and I was obsessed with love. I wanted to celebrate love as much as possible. What can I say, I am a hopelessly romantic.I love deep romantic movies, flowers, French kiss at sunset and a romantic picnic with wine and cheese. If I could star in a movie it will totally be like black and white old movie and I probably was the dramatic star. I think you get the vibe... ha ha

Anyway, like every year, I was getting ready for my romantic date with my hubby and my flower dress was the best choice for the event. to give a little lightness to my look I added my ankle boots and bomber jacket and I have to say that I felt so mysterious, chic and unconventional because of paring these items together.

Long story short, we went to this new restaurant in town, that served red cocktails and red roses specially for valentines and it was wonderful.

I would really Love to hear how you celebrated your valentine day!