pyjama suit
pyjama suit

As always, I love to check out the latest trends on the streets and be inspired by my fellow fashionistas.

(Let’s face it guys, this is what counts in fashion!).

So this time, it’s all about the loungewear, which happens to be the most recent street-style trend: PJ’s all day long! Of course, you all know me. I absolutely had to try it out for myself.

So I went ahead and ordered the most comfy pyjamas suit I could find from ASOS. I was super-excited to test drive them in the real world, but all I really wanted to do was stay at home and snuggle in my super cozy and soft PJ’s. 

Long story short-  After dragging myself off the couch. I wore my pyjamas suit to work today, and I got some weird looks, and my boss even asked me if I had slept in the office the night before…that led to a pretty awkward silence…..

Anyway, after having being asked for the hundredth time, why on earth am I wearing pyjamas to work, and trying to explain style and trends to my colleagues….I gave up and just let my style flow!

To check out my pyjamas suit just go ahead and scroll down.



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