micro skirt-suit

Besides shoes, I'm totally obsessed with skirts, and I got lots of them in my closet.
I saw this dreamy micro skirt-suit of Alexandar Wang and immediately I started to imagine how it will look perfectly on me. But, this suit is so over my budget so I can only dream about it.

I began to search in my closet for a similar items - two pieces, that combined together will create my dreamy outfit. Mixing, my gingham skirt & coat that were similar by color and a little by pattern, together, created the look I was going for. Lets face it, the coat and the skirt aren't matchy-matchy but they fit together like they were made for each other.
Think about it for a second, you are already spending so much on clothes, think how awesome it can be if the one thing you wanted the most can be in your closet. Try to open your mind and use a little bit of imagination and creativity to look chic in your own way. Trust me, you will definitely create new outfits every day without spending so much!

And so, put together your matchy-matchy micro skirt & coat and VOILA' you got a brand new micro skirt-suit!

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gingham skirt