Festival season has already begun with Coachella (festival in Colorado desert). There is tons of festivals around the world to attend to. When you think about going to event like this, the only thing that usually comes to mind is the music, if it will be good or not. Anyway, I think about the music, but also the food & the drinks and the cloths! Yeah, I never miss the opportunity to eat well, drink a cocktail, especially if it's my favorite cocktail, Lychee Vanilla! And dress like I own the place. When I think about it more, those are the little things in life that makes me happy. Obviously, that these are not the only things that makes me happy, love and family are such as well. I love to eat, food is one of my favorite things in life, believe it or not, I am obsessed with food like I'm obsessed with shoes. So after I had checked that there are all the things I am expecting in the festival, and fun is a sure thing, the next part is my favorite one, getting dressed!

Here in Israel, there is music festival that is known for its good energy, incredible music performers, crazy parties, tasty fast food and really good beer. I know that I said I am more of a cocktail person, but I would drink beer if you serve me one 🙂
As I was getting excited with the upcoming festival, I wanted to wear something edgy and cool, but still keep it simple and comfortable so I can dance like crazy. I got inspired by Coachella festival and wanted to bring the same style vibes here.



As you already know, I'm obsessed with denim jackets, which match for any occasion, so I decided to style my favorite Nasty Gal oversize denim jacket with my Mango slogan "Ready" white T-shirt and my Zara suede red skirt, which gave me the vibes that I wanted to create. Of course, nothing is complete without a good pair of shoes! (my biggest addiction). Wearing my Mango lace-up sandals were the perfect choice! They were comfortable yet flattering. For more important, they were crucial for all the dancing that night. At the end of the evening I had the best time with my friends, my feet didn’t hurt and I got to eat one of my favorite dishes - Baked potato with cream & mushroom.
Don’t you ever forget, live, create unforgettable moments and the most important, what you wear is how you feel.