geek chic

Shhhh…don’t tell anybody but in my teenage years, I was a super-geek. I would pile on the pink thinking that it was super dope….oops! Not at all!  I was so geekish, that I even coordinated my ponytail holder with my outfit.

I was obsessed with clothes since I could say the word wardrobe. Instead of smearing fingerprints on the walls, I was matching outfits on my Barbie collection, and pestering my mom to buy me shoes that matched my clothes.

This of course only got worse once I became a teenager - my obsession with clothes only grew. My main role models during those formative years, were Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” (I especially loved when she was booted out from a fancy boutique in Beverly Hills because she doesn't look like she can afford it. Eventually, she spent all the money elsewhere, and of course she looked amazing like a real lady!) and Olivia Newton-John in “Grease". They were fabulous, and I wanted to be an independent woman like them, dress like a lady yet edgy like them.


geek chic

I was ahead of my time - at the age of 15 I was dressing like a 30 year old. I got laughed at a lot-because let’s face it, that is a bit strange, but I didn’t care- that was the true me and I was proud of being me; because clothes are the ultimate form of self-expression.

But it is definitely true what they say - he who laughs last, laughs best! Today Nerdish is super-in, especially after Gucci brought back, again, “geek-chic” in his 2017 spring collection. I have brought you the best of my wardrobe, in which I combine super “geek-chic” with my every day “normal” outfits.

Check out the outfit details below, and as always, hit me up in the comment section below with your thoughts. 


tiny half bun
geek chic


Noemi Boutique Leather Skirt

Zara Printed Blouse (old) similar here 

Zara Oxford shoes (old) similar here & here

H&M Glitter Socks (old) similar here

Bag (old) similar here  & here

CREDITS: Hairstyle by karin Ronis-Lavon