fancy by day

I'm always in favor of the party dresses, those are fun, cool and fancy to wear! To me, there is always a thin line between evening outfits to day-to-day looks.  I love to mix and match those dresses every day and to make it work by adding accessories.

I really love this look, taking that cold-like metal look and adding to it this strong worm red hat, creates such a unique look that will make you feel like you are part of the daily picture from the streets of Milano.

As for the tip of the day, I will just tell you not to be afraid of hats, of all colors, to make the small details pop out, exactly like in the photos.

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Zara Golden Lace Dress 

Zara (old) similar Masculine Double Breasted Coat

Zara boots (old) similar here

Bag (old) similar here

Zara Leather Belt 

Zara Hat