paris outfit in gingham suit

I'm so excited to share with you guys my dreamy trip to Paris! And I promised I will defiantly share all my outfits, photos and cool places I have seen!


The weather was a bit cold so I always dressed in layers and hoped for the sun to pop out! After seeing the French girls style on the streets, it made me crave for Chanel Tweed Suit more than ever. They were always so stylish and polished. To be honest, most of my style is inspired from Italian girls than French, but now after visiting in Paris I feel I have more common with French girls then I had ever imagined. Anyway, I try not to put my style in a box, because I’m getting my inspiration from fashion all over the world.

Travelling in Paris gave me more confidence to dress the way I naturally feel and love. Naturally, my outfit for the second day in Paris was all around Chanel Tweed Suit inspiration- Suit Pants and Gingham prints were the perfect choice. I combined my gingham trousers with a pink blush kimono top and for the Oh la la French girl style, I added my gingham coat for a matchy matchy look. Of course, this was not the first time I was matching my coat/blazer with a skirt/pants to create a complte ready-to-go look. Still I felt so magical, elegant and chic! Truly felt that I was fulfilling my dream of wearing a dreamy Coco Chanel Tweed Suit In Paris even though it was all ZARA. 


gingham suit for spring


My obsession with clothes started at a young age, but when I started to get to know designers the obsession just grew bigger. Let's face it guys, most of us don’t carry a bag of Chanel or a Gucci slippers. Although, we probably dream about it at night, right?!

Most of my closet is curate by fast fashion brands like Zara (H&M, Topshop, Mango and others). Still, from time to time, I indulge myself with a designer brand, yet much more affordable, like Tularosa, Raye and See by Chloe. But, never had the privilege to purchase a luxury brand like Chanel. I just can't afford it right now. As a true fashionista and a trend hunter, I prefer fast fashion brands to buy similar and more affordable items. That way, I can purchase lots of clothes in a minimum price. Eventually, when it comes to clothes and trends, I usually wear the items one to three times, so brands like Zara are defiantly good solution for me.

For the long run, it's worthwhile to invest in a timeless pieces. because, these items will follow you for a life time!  I'm dreaming about the day I will wear a real Chanel Tweed Suit. But, for now, Zara is making my dreams come true! 

 Scroll down to shop more affordable options to look like a Chanel girl in gingham. 


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