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My obsession for shoes started when I discovered for the first time the TV show “Sex and the city”. I was so obsessed with the show that I used to watch it reputedly. If you watched the show, there is no way that you can't remember the scene of "Carrie’s Budget" when Carrie is on a strict budget and isn’t allowed to buy anything. But that doesn’t stop her from trying styles on, and eventually buying the shoes. So, after growing with sex and the city, my shoes obsession just got bigger apartment and bigger! I started to collect shoes (most of them from the regular shop retailer) and after my husband and I moved to a bigger I built my magical dressing room, and of course, I dedicated almost all of it to my shoes.

Satin shoes are defiantly my no' 1 shoes choice to wear right now. Most of the best satin shoe moments were spotted on the Spring 2017 runway shows from Givenchy, Gucci, Manolo Blahnik, Gianvito Rossi and more that were making me drool on the styles. Those shoes were giving me inspiration for DIY Lace-up Satin shoes.

Here is how you can transform, basically any shoes, to more cooler and edgier ones.   

gif just add satin

How to make those gorgeous Lace-up Satin by yourself?! I found these prettiest satin ballet's shoes from Zara on sale which cost only 5.99 $. But, you can find similar ones everywhere now. To update the look, I used satin straps in mixed colors that easy to find at any fabrics store. Wrap the satin straps effortlessly around the leg, and viola, easily, turn them to a Lace-up Satin shoes.  

DIY satin shoes
DIY satin shoes
DIY satin shoes