Boots over the thigh took us by storm. It's the hottest trend right now and they're really filing the streets. Like every trend, I always ask myself if it fits my personality. When sneakers came along it was hard for me to accept them because it's not me! No matter how cool they were and what everybody else thought I could never wear something that makes me feel uncomfortable. Actually, I'm a little embarrassed to tell you girls, but my first sneakers ever were my Stan Smith by Adidas that I bought only for flights. When the Boots over the thigh came (In fact it was a long time ago) the only thing I could think about, is how SCARY they are! For a girl that don’t really like to be that provocative and show a lot of skin, besides of summer days of course, you got to admit that boots over the knee are a bit scary.  

I, like every fashionista, wanted to see how they will look on me and to determine if they are really that cool?

over the knee boots

Whether they are cool or not, before I determine if something is right for me, I follow only one rule - If I'm choosing to show off my legs I will try to balance it by covering my upper body and likewise the opposite. Like that, I decided to style my sexy boot with a boho dress, which I got from Zara last year, a Mango pink tote bag  and an oversize earrings! I love this look! I felt comfortable and chic! And the fun part was that I could give up pants and tights and stay warm:)

I got to say girls, the Thigh High Boots are the coolest.


Free People Coast To Coast Over The Knee Boot

Zara Boho Dress (old) similar  here & here

Mango Leather Flap Bag

Mango Mixed Pieces Earrings