Did it ever happen to you when you realized that you don’t have time for yourself? I'm sure that most of you are exactly like me, always on the go.
Finally, after a long time of being buried under the books and working hard, I decided to go out and have some fun! And there is no such fun like having a good breakfast and lying on the beach with your best friends.  

Actually it's a little embracing to tell you girls but my skin was so pale, so be careful, that’s what happens when you barely have time for yourself. I felt that I’m on a mission and no one will take my fun time. So, in the spirit of fun, I had listened to the song of Cyndi Lauper "Girls Just Want To Have Fun", and started enjoying my day.

off shoulder

It was clear to me that it was the perfect chance to wear off-shoulder top. Let's be honest, for a second, most of my time is spent at work and it's definitely not the place to wear this trend, unless you cover yourself somehow.
I really love off-shoulder top, it feels so fun, free, very sexy, and you can wear it in all different ways to create different outfits. Summer time is definitely the time to show some skin.

This time, to complete the outfit, I combined the top with my pink skirt and in order to add some touch of sweetness, I had put on my lace up hearts sandals by CoRNETTI, and I was ready to go.
Of course let's not forget, you can’t go the beach without a bikini, so I wore my amazing bikini that I found in half-price from H&M.

heart sandals CoRNETTI
h&m bikini


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