From time to time I love to take a time-off from everything, be relax and free from thoughts. I'm the girl who's always on the go! between a full time job, a blog, study for exams, a husband, a dog (my beautiful baby dog- Zoe) and a house to take care off (which I never do) I need some time for myself!   And one of the things I love most is taking a long indulgent bath with a glass of good wine.

So I would like to present to you 5 steps to make spa at home and making a good quality time for yourself:

  1. Make your afternoon free from charts, make sure that you have at least 2 free hours, put your phone on silent mode and be free from any interruption.
  2. Make your environment vibes like in a spa. Set your environment with a few candles and for room aroma heat a aromatic oil.
    I like to use Vanilla Patchouli oil. I really love how the fragrance take over the room. So make sure to choose your favorite fragrance oil to spread scent in the room. 
    And to complete the atmosphere put on your favorite playlist and your set.
  3. For the perfect hot-tub combination, I like to use one Mineral Bath Ball and two drops of massage oil (for more scent). The Mineral Bath Ball contains sea salts, aromatic oils and Dead Sea minerals that will smooth your skin.
oil massage
  1. For full spa experience that I love doing on regular base is to use peeling scrub to remove dead cells and then move to mud mask for face treatments. Using peeling is helpful to conceal stretch marks and cellulite and will leave the skin super smooth. 
  2. After long quite time in the bath after drying yourself use body lotion to smooth the skin.
    I am using Lavender-Apples Sorbet Body Gel, which contains sesame oil to soften and smooth the skin.


mud mask
gel lotion

If you will follow these steps, I guarantee you that after that you feel unstressed and calm.

I envite you to follow the steps and coment here how did it go